The field of comparative law is quite important to understand the origins of different legal systems in different nations, their implication, and purpose as well as developing a unified system so that international organizations can operate in multiple states at the same time. There are some scholars, researchers and experts are working in this forte, […]

Dallas Neighborhood Homes recently announced that is has partnered with Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity and Nexbank to increase home ownership in Southern Dallas. The non-profit mortgage services provider intends to institute an Affordable Housing Loan Program, which will benefit hundreds of families in the city. The program’s objective is to avail at least 100 […]

  In recent months, major steelmakers in operations in China have shown a growing interest in high quality iron ore to expand its industrial production without cause as much environmental damage, says the businessman Flavio Maluf. Chinese steelmakers, which are currently undergoing a period of great prosperity and optimism, have avoided acquiring iron ore that […]

Mr. Brian Bonar is popularly known as having held several positions at Trucept Inc., which was previously known as Smart-Tek Solutions Inc. Brian has been the Chairman and Chief Financial Officer at Trucept Inc. since March 12, 2010. During the same period, he also served as the Chief Executive Officer, treasurer, and secretary. Brian Bonar […]

Any business that has been in business is bound to experience some customer complaints. With these customer complaints and the internet age, comes the ability to post comments and concerns that are true or untrue online in the blink of an eye. The problem with this instant gratification society is that those reviews are often […]

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, found here on Facebook. His company has quite a history. It began in the Philippines and later moved to Canada. From Canada, the company moved to the United States. The main production of the company was to produce products that the ancient chinese herb ganoderma could […]