The Huge Contribution Gift of George Soros and the Conservative Perception

In October 2017, the hedge fund billionaire who is credited for philanthropic contributions, George Soros, surprised everyone by transferring $18 billion, more than 70% of his fortune, to Open Society Foundations – a charity group founded by him three decades back. While everyone showered flowers on him, there was a group of people who were not at happy with his generous transfer – the conservatives. Soros and the conservatives have locked horns many times in the past due to the political differences. Soros has openly protested against the flawed policies of the Republican governments including Trump Administration and George W. Bush Administration, multiple times.

Also, the liberal stands of George Soros is another major reason the conservatives are highly unhappy to accept him. Per The Atlantic, the conservative theorists came up with demonizing theories against him immediately after the news of contribution started appearing in the newspapers. For them, Soros is someone who is hugely influencing and wielding some exceptional power across the globe. It is true that he wields exceptional power but only in philanthropy and not anything else. Some of them criticize that Open Society Foundations just follow the orders of Soros by following a top-down management. In reality, OSF is completely built on a decentralized network, and there are local boards in a significant number of countries with highest levels of autonomy.

However, the conservative groups do not seem to stop the attack against him. Early this year, a set of GOP senators demanded Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State, to investigate the total U.S. funds being transferred to the Open Society Foundations to make liberal policies spread across sovereign states. There were also statements by GOP representatives this year leading to the organized conspiracy theories by conservatives against George Soros. For instance, Steve King, a GOP representative to the Congress and close associate of President Donald Trump, tweeted that Western Civilization is targeted by George Soros and the Left ideological groups.

A significant majority of people know that Soros is also a critic of leftist ideologies and proponent of only liberal values. He established Open Society Foundations almost three decades back by considering Marxism as the biggest threat to open society ideologies. Soros added that all totalitarian concepts are a threat to open society concepts – including ultra-conservatism. It is a fact that be it ultra-conservatism or Marxist ideologies, both are claiming that they hold the ultimate truth and suppress the free thinking to refrain the societies becoming cosmopolitan societies.

George Soros was born, during the turbulent years of Nazi emergence, in Hungarian capital Budapest. Along with his family, Soros moved to Briton post the Second World War. He started doing odd jobs and joined London School of Economics. Post his graduation, Soros moved to America and started investing his money in the Wall Street. In 1970, he floated Soros Fund Management – a hedge fund firm that workes based on the market insights and analysis of George Soros. After amassing significant wealth, Soros turned his eyes to philanthropy – the most interesting subject of Soros – and started setting up Open Society Foundations across the globe.