Securus Technology Aids in Bringing Sanity in the Correctional Industry

As a leader in the provision of civil and criminal justice technology, Securus has a feedback system that allows the users of the technology to comment on its use. Most of the produced technology goes towards ensuring public safety, aiding in investigations, helping in the monitoring and running of the correction facilities, and prevention of crimes just to mention but a few. On the 21st October 2016, the company released a collection of comments received from various correction facilities within the country. Most of the respondents are tasked with preventing and solving crimes in the prisons. As a result, the incarceration environment is made better and safer for all the prisoners.


The comments have undergone redaction to ensure anonymity of the respondent. Anonymity guarantees the safety of the respondent. According to the CEO of Securus, Richard A Smith, the company develops one product every week with the aim of advancing and speeding the process of solving and preventing crimes. He also added that they had received thousands of letters and emails in regards to their products. Some of the comments include:


1) An officer expressed gratitude to the company for the assistance given during an investigation. Information collected from phone details and conversations was enough to get a warrant. Consequently, the person under investigation was arrested for bringing contraband to the facility.

2) A client says that the company’s technology has helped in the running of his institution. Its advancement has consequently, reduced the chances of incidents in the facility.

3) The investigation tools speed up the process. An officer says that without such devices, investigations would end in a dead end.

4) The covert feature enabled an officer to take a suspect into custody.

5) Listening tools helped to catch a prisoner coaching the brother on court proceedings. The officer says the recording will be instrumental in the conviction.


The comments are just a few among thousands received by the company. More reviews on the company and its BBB accreditation status.