Eric Lefkofsky’s contribution to the entrepreneurial world

Article recap

Eric is one of the influential entrepreneurs in America. Eric’s latest entrepreneur venture is Tempus. Eric started Tempus Company because of the challenges that cancer patients undergo. However, Tempus is a technologyadvancement company that provides more information on the advancement of cancer treatment. First by providing in detailed information about cancer. It offers a market research platform that enables one to manage sale products and all types of data across different media.

Besides, Tempus offer to fund different healthcare activities in Chicago. It offers health care to patients, provides data websites where one can find detailed health products and services at affordable price.

Tempus mainly focuses on how to reduce the spread of cancer through a cost-effective technology to patients. Technology is the main thing that will help come up with such treatment.

Tempus work with different hospitals and educational institutions by collecting information about cancer and analyzing it to come up with concrete data. Therefore, given the data, its easier to find out the most efficient and affordable drug to use.

Other entrepreneur ventures of Eric includes Inner Workings that focused on providing printing procurement and promotional services to other companies, the Light bank that dealt with investment technologies, Media ocean that provided online information about entrepreneurship.

How Eric Lefkofky entrepreneurship activities impacted the society

Eric’s entrepreneur skills have increasingly changed the lives of many individuals in the world.

First, Eric provided job opportunities to the unemployed through the many companies he opened up. Many people are working in these companies hence can meet their needs and improve their living standards.

Eric Lefkofky’s companies provide casual and permanent jobs. These encompass a large number of the unemployed population both professionals and unprofessional. The rate of poverty has therefore reduced to a high percentage since most people can earn themselves a daily bread.

Eric has taught in institutions and published materials about business and made the materials available in websites. Many people can access the information and learn more about entrepreneurship. Through this many have started up businesses which have succeeded.

Eric also offers charitable service to organizations in need. For instance, Eric supplies healthcare materials to institutions all over the world.