Agricultural expert José Manuel González succeeds in the political scene

José Manuel González is an agricultural business person and was the president of Fedecamaras. He currently serves as the deputy of the National Assembly in the Guárico State. Having succeeded in the agricultural field, he has given experiences of the difference between public service and being an entrepreneur. He shows how he has borrowed his political skills from being an active businessman.

González works in a state with a dire agricultural situation. He has improved the agricultural sector by focusing on production and growing exports. He has condemned various types of purchases where the import industry is high, while exports reduce. At the assembly, he has tried to make members understand the situation and need to improve agriculture. However, this has been unsuccessful due to various mismanagement by officials. The government, he says, has always pointed out on the weakness and flaws of the agricultural field.

As a top politician, José Manuel González has campaigned highly for developments that would improve the state’s economic growth. He has focused on exports and overbilling imports to reduce their total amounts. He notes that several imports which are smuggled have interfered with exchange rates. To change this, he has called out for an improved security across the borders.
About José M. González
José M. González-Páramo is a Ph.D. holder from Universidad Complutense and an M.A. in Economics. He has a solid professional record of blending with the state’s central bank decisions for improving the academic experience of the private sector. In 1908, he was served as Professor of Economic. He has further taught advanced courses in economic analysis of public policies in various areas of Madrid and several research centers.

His background shows that he has long worked as a financial adviser to various private and public institutions. From 1989 to 1994, he worked at the World Bank Group, the European Commission, and the IMF. He has had a significant involvement in working groups that solve financial and economic matters at the Bank for International organizations. José M. also worked as a member of the Executive Board at the European Central Bank; he served here from 2004 to 2012.