Brian Bonar Shows Others The Proper Way To Do Business

It is a great day to be Brian Bonar, especially after receiving the Cambridge Who’s Who┬« Executive of the Year in Finance. This is not the kind of award that is given out to any old regular Joe. They really take the time to research it, get it right, and put in the time to find the right people.

Only two men and two women receive it every year, and Brian is honored that he is one of those four individuals. He is proud of them and he is proud of himself. Many would say they don’t do it for the awards, as they simply want to do a good job, which is true, but it does not mean it does not feel great to be acknowledged.

They look at their leadership abilities for one. That is something that has always meant a great deal to Brian. He loves to be there for people, help them, support them, and be in their corner. He wants to be the type of boss that people can look up to, admire, and feel as they though can approach him without fear.

Even though he is in charge, it does not mean he is not a human being. He has feelings and he cares about people. He is a people person while also knowing how to bring out the best in each and every person that encounters him. He takes a tremendous amount of pride in that.

Brian Bonar also has tremendous experience with over thirty years in the financial sector. There truly is no substitute for experience. Three decades is a long time and not only has he survived during those tough times, but he has thrived. There are always going to be tough times just like there are always going to be good times.

He is willing to ride the wave and come out the better for it. He has overseen Dalrada Financial Corporation for over a decade. In a world where bosses and CEO’s are changing left and right, he has stayed put. He is very pleased with the fact.

It means that people know he is doing a good job and they trust him. Trust is a great thing as it means they don’t worry about that person. They know that person is going to get the job done and they are going to get it done the right way.

That is the Brian Bonar way and others in the industry are noticing it, paying attention to it, and they see it. Even though he is three decades in, he has not lost his passion for the industry and his passion for the job. If anything, awards like this, they motivate him even more.