A Great New App Takes Davos Financial to the Top in Customer Service

Recently, a new real estate app hit the market. The Davos Real Estate Group, has made it even easier for their clients to make decisions about possible property buys. The new app will allow customers to get an estimate of what the return on their real estate investments might bring in. The app is called the Davos CAP Calculator.

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group, David Osio said this app is just the beginning. He has seen the company expand from Latin America to New York and Europe. David Osio has a long track record of success offering premium financial services. This series of apps from Davos is simply the next step forward.

According to wrcbtv.com, David Osio said the company saw that there a, “need to develop a mobile application that allows us to assist in financially guiding our clients when investing in real estate in the United States.” The company sees these apps a way to give more value to their clients. The ability to interact more fluidly with customers is what spurred the creation of the CAP Calculator.

The app was made by Tecknolution and it allows customers to estimate how much an investment property will yield after all the expenses of the property are covered. They can estimate rent amounts and even mortgage payments. It also allows customers to share with their Davos agent in a chat-like format. All these features allow the Davos Financial Group to give their customers more personalized advice and direction on their investment strategy.

Davos Financial Group has steadily expanded it’s ability to provide financial advice since it’s inception in 1993. At the time, David Osio started Davos Financial Group it was the first Venezuela business to provide financial advice to extremely select clients. Davos Finacial now has a presence in New York and even Spain. Now the company is poised to be an online leader as well using technology to improve their connection with clients in an innovative way.

David Osio’s official website shows that personal his background in banking law allows him to give advice grounded in experience. His unique and effective leadership has grown the company from its start in Latin America. The advent of the CAP Calculator and a Mortgage Calculator, are keeping Davos Real Estate Group at the top of the pack. Technology that connects clients to agents on the go is not just convenient it’s a great business model.

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