FreedomPop Is Changing the Mobile Phone World

The developers behind FreedomPop have begun to do something that will dramatically change the way that we look at mobile technology and mobile phone plans. For the longest time customers have been beholden to what they should expect out of a phone plan. This has largely taken the form of huge, burdensome contracts that lock you in to prices you can’t really afford over time. FreedomPop, a freemium carrier out of Los Angeles, has determined that they are going to change the mobile paradigm and here is how they are going to do it.

So the first thing you need to know about FreedomPop is that you can indeed have an elaborate phone plan completely free. FreedomPop offers their free plan to anyone who signs up. The free plan is comprised of 200 minutes of talk, 500 texts, and 500 MB of data per month. This monthly allowance is completely free and can be upgraded at any time. However, you find the free package to be more than adequate then you will never need to actually upgrade. That’s right! Your phone plan will stay free going forward.

The way that FreedomPop makes their buck is by offering a digital buffet of services for customers to pick and choose from. CEO Stephen Stokols wants his platform to be closer to a ‘add on service’ rather than something you buy in bundles. If you don’t want unlimited data but you want enhanced WiFi options then there is a plan for you and so on, so forth.

Right now the big new plan they are pushing is the $5 WiFi Add On. While it is true that you can connect to any WiFi you want with the Free Plan, the $5 upgrade gives you access to over 10 million WiFi hotspots that are under direct control of FreedomPop. For the past year or so the company has been expanding their WiFi reach all over urban America, which makes this a great choice for someone living in a big city.

In order to get their company coverage across America FreedomPop has been networking with other providers. FreedomPop is using the Sprint network to give service to their customers. Sprint is a premier provider so you should definitely find your way to coverage through the FreedomPop network. Many people are hesitant to get away from the ‘big four’ providers, but FreedomPop is making a great case to change the paradigm up.

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