Highlight on the Life and Work of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison is the current General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer and Managing Director at Hall Capital Partners, San Francisco. Hall Capital is among the investment companies based in California that are very successful and it is run entirely by women. From my research, Helane has been with this firm since the year 2007. She also had a stint at the Securities and Exchange Commission offices in San Francisco (1999-2007). Helane joined Hall Capital Partners due to the diverse culture of leadership it has in the financial industry. I found out that Helane wants to restore the confidence of the public to start investing again in the financial market. She has the belief that her position at the firm presently will assist her achieve more of her goals.

Morrison has a strong track record of fighting against deceptive crimes of a corporate nature. She has an affinity for business that is solely based on the upholding of strong ethics and morally right values. Helane has managed to expose a number of economic predators over the thirty years she has been working hard to restore industrial justice. She works against the people who try to use their power or influence to exploit people who have been left at the clemency of turbulent economic situations. Due to the dire situation that was experienced in the world economies during the 2007 and 2008 period, people were confused about the actions to take. Helane was one of the people who opted to take the proactive approach against the corruption in the financial sector.

About Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison acquired her Journalism degree from the Northwestern University, Illinois and furthered her education to earn a Juris Doctor degree from University of California, Berkeley School of Law. She started off at the US Court of Appeals as a 7th Circuit’s law clerk. She was able to home her skills and experience and within a year she moved to the Supreme Court of Justice under Justice Harry A. Blackmun (1985). Blackmun was a staunch pursuer of righteousness in the social scene and he stood steadfast despite the threats he received for his strong stand against social evils. Blackmun shaped Morrison’s career to become a champion of moral and equality correctness.

Morrison had earlier on practiced at the Howard, Rice & Others law firm and made partner within five years. Helane was involved in investigating trading rings that were illegal and this made her to get the position with the SEC San Francisco. She worked hard at ensuring transparency in all business dealings.