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Originally reported by PRNNewswire, IAP Worldwide Services has expanded their business by acquiring two additional companies: DRS Technologies, Inc.’s (DRS) Aviation and Logistics and Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business. Both companies service US Department of Defense. These companies are part of their long term growth strategy. The companies will be integrated into the existing National Securities Program Unit and the new Aviation and Solutions Engineering Unit. This growth plan includes customer focused services, redesigning their government services, and acquirement of businesses that compliment their core business. They feel this acquisition shows the support of the company board and their commitment to servicing the government.

IAP Worldwide acquires two businesses

Based in Cape Canaveral, IAP Worldwide Services offers worldwide support to government organizations, power generation and infrastructure services, aviation engineering solutions, IT and communications. Founded in 1999, IAP started as a company that provided procurement and logistics company. They had humble beginnings supplying the US army with generator supplies in Saudi Arabia and now have grown into servicing many more areas of the government. IAP now has over 1600 employees in 110 locations world wide. Their support helps 175,000 military personnel worldwide in the US and the Middle East. Their work helps these people focus on their missions. During times of crisis, they offer emergency services, such as power generation and needed supplies.

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IAP Worldwide invests in the growth of their company and in the growth of their community. Since they offer services to the military, they also regularly seek out veterans for employment. They also help raise funds and make donations to the United Way of Brevard. In addition to the donations, they also collected canned goods and read to elementary school students. Within their local community, they have helped volunteers to restore the beaches and habitats for the local wildlife.

IAP stands for Ingenuity and Purpose, showing their dedication to being on the cutting edge for their government customers. IAP Worldwide services are constantly looking for ways to grow the company and support the armed services. They offer a variety of services to fit their clients needs while our soldiers serve to protect our country.

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