How Customer Reviews Have Helped White Shark Media Grow

Customer reviews form the basis of any company’s development. The opinions that clients have towards services offered by a firm provide an important insight into the market. White Shark Media has experienced a remarkable growth in the last few years because it pays attention to customer reviews. More often than less, the clients raise concerns concerning issues that they feel need to be addressed. Solving such issues goes a long way in making the entire operation successful.

How Complaints are Addressed

White Shark Media understands that companies can only grow by addressing weak points and building on areas that are deemed to be strong. It also recognizes that creating a successful enterprise from scratch cannot be without complains. The firm has put in place processes to ensure that all complaints are judicially acted upon.

In online marketing, it is quite common for clients to lose touch with the AdWord campaigns created by marketing firms. White Shark Media grappled with this problem for a number of years. There was a general realization that the reporting procedures put in place could not adequately accommodate small businesses. Many clients had raised complains about the issue. To solve this, the company ensures that all clients are made aware of all the workings of their campaign. They are also involved from the beginning, which makes them aware of everything as time goes by.

In the past, there were frequent communication lags between the company and its clients. Such breakdowns have severe consequences since marketing and consultancy agencies heavily rely on seamless communication. Clients had frequently complained of difficulties in getting hold of contact persons within the company. The entire process was also frustrating because they could only see a contact person after going through a receptionist. This was time consuming to both the company and the clients.

To avoid such incidences, the company came up with the idea of monthly status calls through GoToMeeting. These meetings brought together clients and strategists to review the performance of each campaign. These meetings normally take place through an online conferencing platform, which saves time and money. During such meetings, monthly reports are analyzed together with clients’ AdWords accounts. This helps pinpoint areas that need improvement.

In some instances, clients complained that their old campaigns were performing better that the new ones. White Shark Media decided to come up with better performing campaigns, which would give clients more online visibility. The clients are also frequently educated about the procedures that they ought to follow to ensure the success of the new campaigns.
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