Organo Gold is Making Brand New Things Happen

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, found here on Facebook. His company has quite a history. It began in the Philippines and later moved to Canada. From Canada, the company moved to the United States. The main production of the company was to produce products that the ancient chinese herb ganoderma could be combined with. The company used high end coffees, teas, and other products.

Based out of Canada, Organo Gold distributes to over one million people worldwide. Serving six out of the seven continents, Organo Gold goal was to bring the knowledge of ganoderma to the western world. For thousands of years, the herb ganoderma has been used for medical purposes. Ganoderma is known to be a mushroom and grows on the wood of large trees in the tropical forests of Asia. Ganoderma lucidum, or ganoderma is thought to have many preventive properties but some in the medical profession are skeptical. Organo Gold blended the herb with everyday products based on many years of research and hundreds of years of patient testimony. Chinese remedies and treatments used this herb with outstanding results.

Bernardo Chua was born in the Philippines but had a Chinese heritage as well. Most of his life he was aware of the benefits of using ganoderma because of ancient traditions and ways. Chua is known as philanthropist, with a great love of public speaking. He also enjoys music. As executive of Gano Exel, helped it expand from Hong Kong to Canada and on to the United States. Linkedin shows that Bernardo Chua lives and works in California where he is the president of Gano Exel U.S.A. For many years he worked in the multilevel marketing of companies. Finally, at Gano Exel he was able to put those years of knowledge together and almost corner the market with the top sales in the direct sales industry. He is known as the most successful businessman of the Pacific Rim due to his expertise in marketing and direct sales. He has received many awards. He knows the value of giving back because he funds research that is related to the use of ganoderma. This in return helps him know the trends and what to expect from the ever changing market of direct sales.