Jaime Garcia Dias Continues To Succeed

Jaime Garcia Dias was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in 1970. He is an accomplished author, with an impressive number of published non-fiction books. His interests in literature soared after reading several books as a young man, many he remembers fondly through Twitter.

His father is the journalist and author Arnaldo Dias, who encouraged him to write at the young age of fifteen.

He studied at the Literature College, in Rio De Janeiro. After graduation, he became a teacher at Carioca Literature Academy, where he taught literature for five years, and shared his passion for written works with prospective teenage writers.

In 1997, he became the vice president of a local school (gym), which created new classes, and eventually became one of the largest gyms dedicated to Brazilian Literature.

By age thirty, Jaime had published ten of books according to CrunchBase.

In 2001, he’s told on YouTube that Jaime won his first prestigious literary award, The White Crane award, for his novel (the White Crane award is the highest prize being given to rising new writers in Brazilian literature);
“Fell From Heaven”, which was inspired by Joao Guimares Rosa’s novel; “The Devil To Pay in The Backland”. Jaime’s award-winning novel was heavily promoted by Argentine writer, Josue Gomez.

After ten years as vice-president of the Carioca Literature Academy, Jaime was honored on its 100th anniversary, by being elected president. The Carioca Academy is the very first home for journalistic literature with a reputation for helping authors find their true voice in literature.

In 2013, Jaime honored his father with the “Chronicles That Made Me A Man”. It is a collection of his childhood stories, which focuses on Jaime and his father’s life together. These non-fiction stories were so well received by the public, that Jaime was invited to write a weekly literature notebook for the Jornal do Brazil.

Jaime Garcia Dias is devoted to advancing Brazilian literature, and is well known for his work in the world of finance as well. He is considered a pioneer in Brazilian Literature, and is one of the most popular authors in Brazil, having forever made his mark on the Brazilian culture. His incredible talent deserves the recognition in South America and the entire world.