There is an app for that it’s often said. This year we look at some of the top apps that will make your life more fun. In a world where smartphones are central to our lives, having a quality app not only makes everything easier but also more productive. The list in no particular order and we will major most on the one app that will bring a difference.

  1. GoPro App

Am sure by now you have noticed a resurgence in viral short video clips mostly on Facebook. They are mostly shot using a GoPro app.It allows one to create and share video clips on social media. It can be set up remotely and allows one to control; the settings and frame scene has timely updates and a broad developer support.

2. Amazon Video

It is an app that will benefit you more if you subscribed to Amazon Prime. It gives you access to a rich and voluminous library of videos at no additional costs. You can also rent thousands of titles from Amazon line up that will be accessible to a range of devices. It allows one the ability to create his titles and have playlists.

3. Skout

It is an app that revolutionized dating when it was 1st launched and now seeks to transform tourism. It allows people to meet instantly from all over the world. It has over 500 million active users and connects 10 million daily. It describes itself as the new way for people to meet. It can connect you with a potential date or give you a friend no matter where you are.

It is an app that is easy to set up and easy to use. It uses your preferences and filters to connect you to your people of choice. You can now easily be attached to people of your choice based on your interests. It allows you to customize your filters based on different categories for the app.It is one of the few apps that allows on to customize it depending on context and interest.

It means it can today serve as your dating buddy and tomorrow your new way to meet people. It has a new feature called Skout travel that allows one to seek a virtual tour partner in another part of the world and take a trip. It has so far connected 10 million people, and a big number have gone on to go on an actual tour. It is remarkable given it is the 1st time an app is driving tourism numbers up while creating lasting friendships.

Skout is the brainchild of Christian Wiklund who is the CEO and Niklas Lindstrom who is the CTO.It was launched as a mobile app ii n 2007 and in 2009 reorganized itself as a dating and social app.

It has in its history raised over $ 73 million and recently announced profitability. It has an experienced board of directors including Stan Chudvosky and Scott Weiss.

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